Ions and Free Radicals Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Ions and free radicals MCQs, ions and free radicals quiz answers for online secondary school courses. Fundamentals of chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), ions and free radicals quiz questions and answers for online secondary education degree. Branches of chemistry, avogadro number and mole, elements and compounds particles, molecular and formula mass, empirical and molecular formulas, ions and free radicals test prep for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn chemistry MCQs: free radicals are electrically, with choices positively charged, negatively charged, can be both a and b, and neutral for online secondary education degree. Free chemistry student portal for online learning ions and free radicals quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Ions and Free Radicals PDF Book Download

MCQ: Free radicals are electrically

  1. positively charged
  2. negatively charged
  3. can be both A and B
  4. neutral


MCQ: Ca on loosing 2 electrons becomes

  1. Ca-2
  2. Ca-1
  3. Ca+2
  4. Ca-2


MCQ: Smallest part of an element that cannot exist as a free state is

  1. ion
  2. charge
  3. atom
  4. molecule


MCQ: A free radical has

  1. unpaired electrons
  2. paired electrons
  3. no electrons
  4. even no. of electrons


MCQ: An oxide ion has -2 charge because

  1. oxygen looses two electrons
  2. oxygen gains two electrons
  3. oxygen becomes neutral
  4. none of above