RNA MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Learn rna MCQs, chemistry test for online learning courses and test prep to practice. Biochemistry multiple choice questions (MCQ), rna quiz questions and answers for online chemicals courses distance learning.

Chemistry practice test MCQ: strand of rna is made of with options ribose sugar, phosphate unit, nitrogen base and all of these with eBooks online to download for problem-solving skills for charter school and high school students. Free chemistry revision notes to learn rna quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on RNA Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Strand of RNA is made of

  1. Ribose sugar
  2. Phosphate unit
  3. Nitrogen base
  4. All of these


MCQ: Existence of RNA is in form of

  1. Single strand
  2. Double strand
  3. Triple strand
  4. Four strands


MCQ: Which of following is true about RNA?

  1. It is synthesized by DNA
  2. It has deoxyribose sugar
  3. It has double strand
  4. It has double helix


MCQ: RNA (Ribonucelic Acid) is made up of

  1. ribose sugar
  2. phosphate unit
  3. nitrogen base
  4. all of above