Small Intestine MCQs & Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Small intestine multiple choice questions (MCQs), small intestine quiz answers to learn secondary school biology online courses. Nutrition MCQs, small intestine quiz questions and answers for online secondary education degree. Oral cavity selection grinding and partial digestion, human food components, mineral nutrition in plants, disorders of gut, small intestine test prep for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn biology MCQs: lacteal carries fatty acids and glycerol to lymphatic duct to enter into, with choices pulmonary arteries, pulmonary veins, bloodstream, and atrium for online secondary education degree. Free biology student portal for online learning small intestine quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Small Intestine PDF Book Download

MCQ: Lacteal carries fatty acids and glycerol to lymphatic duct to enter into

  1. pulmonary arteries
  2. pulmonary veins
  3. bloodstream
  4. atrium


MCQ: Numerous finger like projections in folds of wall of ileum is classified as

  1. bolus
  2. chyme
  3. villi
  4. bile


MCQ: Glycerol and fatty acids are absorbed into

  1. lacteal of duodenum
  2. lacteal of villus
  3. lacteal of bile
  4. lacteal of bolus


MCQ: Part of small intestine after duodenum is known as

  1. jejunum
  2. lipase duodenum
  3. amylase duodenum
  4. lipase ileum


MCQ: Length of duodenum is

  1. 25 cm
  2. 31 cm
  3. 21 cm
  4. 35 cm