Microscope Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Microscope MCQs, microscope quiz answers for online secondary school courses. Cells and tissues multiple choice questions (MCQs), microscope quiz questions and answers for online secondary education degree. Epithelial tissue, cytoskeleton, muscle tissue, meristems, microscopy and cell theory, microscope test prep for secondary school teaching certification.

Learn biology MCQs: working principle in a light microscope is using, with choices uv light, visible light, spectrum light, and white light for online secondary education degree. Free biology student portal for online learning microscope quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Microscope PDF Book Download

MCQ: Working principle in a light microscope is using

  1. UV light
  2. visible light
  3. spectrum light
  4. white light


MCQ: Resolution of electron microscope is

  1. 0.1 nm
  2. 0.2nm
  3. 10nm
  4. 20nm


MCQ: Magnification power of transmission electron microscope

  1. 250000
  2. 450000
  3. 320000
  4. 150000


MCQ: Magnification power of a light microscope is equal to

  1. 1500 X
  2. 1200X
  3. 1000X
  4. 500X


MCQ: A photograph which is taken from a microscope is called

  1. photograph
  2. micrograph
  3. diagraph
  4. graph