Microorganisms MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Microorganisms multiple choice questions (MCQs), microorganisms tesr prep for secondary school distance learning, online courses. Practice bioenergetics multiple choice questions (MCQs), microorganisms quiz questions and answers for online biology terms courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online biology degree programs MCQs: microorganism that get prepared food is, for online education degree with options non-photosynthetic protozoan, non-photosynthetic algae, non-photosynthetic hydra, and non-photosynthetic volvox with online competency based interview questions and answers to answer during teachers jobs' tests. Free biology student portal for online learning microorganisms quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Microorganisms Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Microorganisms that prepares their food from water and carbon dioxide are

  1. photosynthetic amoeba
  2. photosynthetic algae
  3. photosynthetic hydra
  4. photosynthetic flagella


MCQ: Microorganism that get prepared food is

  1. non-photosynthetic protozoan
  2. non-photosynthetic algae
  3. non-photosynthetic hydra
  4. non-photosynthetic volvox