Digestion and Absorption MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Digestion and absorption MCQs, learn biology online test prep for high school exam prep for distance learning, free online courses. Practice nutrition multiple choice questions (MCQs), digestion and absorption quiz questions and answers for online biology lab courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online biology degree programs MCQs: name of enzyme present in pancreatic juice is called, for online courses with choices pepsin, amylase, trypsin, and lipase with online job interview questions and answers for formative assessment in competitive exams. Free biology student portal for online learning digestion and absorption quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQs on Digestion and Absorption Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Name of enzyme present in pancreatic juice is called

  1. pepsin
  2. amylase
  3. trypsin
  4. lipase


MCQ: Process through which lipids are digested by liver is called

  1. digestion
  2. emulsification
  3. assimilation
  4. defecation


MCQ: Solid remains of food after absorption of water is called

  1. faeces
  2. bile
  3. urine
  4. cristae


MCQ: Vein through which food molecules goes towards heart is called

  1. hepatic vein
  2. portal vein
  3. lateral vein
  4. ileum vein


MCQ: Part of large intestine from which water is absorbed into blood is called

  1. gall bladder
  2. cardiac sphincter
  3. colon
  4. pyloric sphincter