Cell Organelles MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Cell organelles multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell organelles tesr prep for secondary school distance learning, online courses. Practice cells and tissues multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell organelles quiz questions and answers for online current biology courses distance learning.

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MCQ on Cell Organelles Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Flattened sacs that are present in cell were discovered by

  1. Ernst Haeckel
  2. David Baltimore
  3. Camillo Golgi
  4. Rachel Carson


MCQ: Color of chlorophyll is

  1. green
  2. yellow
  3. brown
  4. red


MCQ: Ribosomes are composed of

  1. rPNA
  2. rENA
  3. rRNA
  4. rDNA


MCQ: Thylakoid stack present in plastids is known as

  1. glycogen
  2. granum
  3. nucleolus
  4. ribosomes


MCQ: Organelles discovered by Christian Rene that are bounded by single-membrane are called

  1. centrioles
  2. Golgi vesicles
  3. ribosomes
  4. lysosomes