Plant Homeostasis MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Plant homeostasis multiple choice questions, learn online high school biology test prep for exam prep for distance learning, online courses. Practice homeostasis multiple choice questions (MCQs), plant homeostasis quiz questions and answers for online high school biology courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online biology degree programs MCQs: presence of water drops on edges of leaves or on its tips is classified as, for online education degree with options transpiration, transportation, guttation, and excretion with online eBooks download for problem-solving skills for secondary school and high school students. Free biology student portal for online learning plant homeostasis quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Plant Homeostasis Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Common example of hydrophytes is

  1. morning glory
  2. water lily
  3. cactus
  4. ladyfinger


MCQ: Presence of water drops on edges of leaves or on its tips is classified as

  1. transpiration
  2. transportation
  3. guttation
  4. excretion


MCQ: In plants, extra water is removed with help of

  1. transpiration
  2. respiration
  3. osmosis
  4. diffusion


MCQ: In plants, carbon dioxide CO2 is removed from tissue cells at night time with help of process called

  1. diffusion
  2. osmosis
  3. fission
  4. binary fission


MCQ: On basis of salts and water quotient, groups in which plants are divided includes

  1. hydrophytes
  2. xerophytes
  3. halophytes
  4. all of above