Components of Human Skeleton MCQs Quiz Worksheet PDF Download

Components of human skeleton multiple choice questions (MCQs), components of human skeleton tesr prep for high school distance learning, online courses. Practice support and movement multiple choice questions (MCQs), components of human skeleton quiz questions and answers for online biochemistry courses distance learning.

Study high school courses, online biology degree programs MCQs: number of bones in skull are, for online education degree with options 18 bones, 22 bones, 25 bones, and 28 bones with online eLearning distance education for online degrees course and examination preparation. Free biology student portal for online learning components of human skeleton quiz questions, MCQs to find questions answers based online learning tests.

MCQ on Components of Human Skeleton Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In adult human skeleton, 206 bones are organized into the

  1. collagen structure
  2. appendicular skeleton
  3. longitudinal axis
  4. axial skeleton


MCQ: Number of bones in skull are

  1. 18 bones
  2. 22 bones
  3. 25 bones
  4. 28 bones


MCQ: In appendicular skeleton, 54 bones together composed structure of

  1. legs
  2. feet
  3. hands
  4. both b and c


MCQ: Number of middle ear ossicles in each human ear are

  1. six
  2. five
  3. four
  4. three


MCQ: Pectoral bones (shoulder bones) are composed of

  1. eight bones
  2. four bones
  3. five bones
  4. six bones