Ions and Bonding MCQs Quiz and Answers Tests pdf Download

Practice ions and bonding MCQs in science quiz for test prep. Atoms and atom model quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with ions and bonding test, answers as atoms of sodium and chlorine are stuck by chemical glue known as, answer key with choices as bond, intermolecular force, attractive force and atomic gum for competitive exam preparation worksheets. Free science revision notes to learn ions and bonding quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Ions and Bonding Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Atoms of sodium and chlorine are stuck by chemical glue known as

  1. bond
  2. intermolecular force
  3. attractive force
  4. atomic gum


MCQ. Atom is electrically

  1. negative
  2. positive
  3. neutral
  4. maybe positive or negative


MCQ. If you combine Sodium and Chlorine atoms, they will form

  1. Chlorine Sodium ide
  2. Sodium Chloride
  3. Sodium ions
  4. Chloride ions


MCQ. In general language, Sodium Chloride is known as

  1. Poisonous salt
  2. Table salt
  3. Chinese salt
  4. Japanese salt


MCQ. Ion with a positive charge is known as

  1. Cation
  2. Anion
  3. Positron
  4. Negatron