Frictional Force MCQs Test and Answers pdf Download

Practice frictional force MCQs and science for test prep and learning. Free forces effects notes has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with frictional force quiz as force of friction can be reduced by help of with answering options ball bearing, lubricants, cushion surfaces and all of them for exam preparation. Study to learn frictional force quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Frictional Force

MCQ. Force of friction can be reduced by help of

  1. ball bearing
  2. lubricants
  3. cushion surfaces
  4. all of them


MCQ. A force which occurs when two surfaces come in contact and slow down motion while acting in

  1. opposite direction
  2. same direction
  3. both a and b
  4. north direction


MCQ. Due to friction between moving parts of machine there is found

  1. heat
  2. light
  3. energy
  4. oil


MCQ. There will be great distance in stopping a vehicle which is moving

  1. slowly
  2. steady
  3. fastly
  4. continuously


MCQ. To reduce air and water resistance objects are shaped in

  1. streamlined
  2. oblongata
  3. rectangular
  4. conical