All Around Sounds MCQs Test and Answers pdf Download

Practice all around sounds MCQs and science for test prep and learning. Free sound waves notes has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with all around sounds quiz as sounds of traffic, aircrafts and machines are called with answering options artificial sounds, natural sounds, man-made sounds and noise for exam preparation. Study to learn all around sounds quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on All Around Sounds

MCQ. Sounds of traffic, aircrafts and machines are called

  1. artificial sounds
  2. natural sounds
  3. man-made sounds
  4. noise


MCQ. Astronauts use radios to communicate, this is because

  1. sound travels at very high speed in vacuum
  2. sound does not travel in vacuum
  3. sound energy in the vacuum may burst the eardrums
  4. sound energy turns into light in vacuum


MCQ. Unlike light, sounds cannot

  1. pass through transparent solids
  2. pass through air
  3. pass through liquids
  4. pass through vacuum


MCQ. These vibrations are caused due to

  1. temperature change in air
  2. pressure change in air
  3. humidity effect of air
  4. heat level in air


MCQ. Sound is a form of

  1. force
  2. power
  3. light
  4. energy