Weather and Climate Multiple Choice Questions Test 9 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 9 on weather and climate MCQs, science tropical zone multiple choice questions. Free tropical zone guide has earth science worksheet with answering options equator, tropical zone, horizon and polar region of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with tropical zone quiz as region which surrounds equator is called for exam prep. Study to learn tropical zone quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Weather and Climate - Quiz 9

MCQ. Region which surrounds equator is called

  1. tropical zone
  2. equator
  3. horizon
  4. polar region


MCQ. Extremely cold winter weather is brought US by

  1. polar
  2. continental polar
  3. maritime
  4. tropical


MCQ. Instrument used to measure humidity is the

  1. barometer
  2. thermometer
  3. psycho meter
  4. spring meter


MCQ. Kissimmee in Florida in 1998 received winds speeds up to 416 km/h which caused

  1. hurricane
  2. tornado
  3. spiral
  4. twister


MCQ. An alert which can predict a tornado is called

  1. warning
  2. red alert
  3. watch
  4. broadcast