Stars Galaxies and Universe Multiple Choice Questions Test 7 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 7 on stars galaxies and universe MCQs, science stars classification multiple choice questions. Free stars classification guide has earth science worksheet with answering options shape, volume, color and density of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with stars classification quiz as differences in temperature distinguishes differences in their for exam prep. Study to learn stars classification quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Stars Galaxies and Universe - Quiz 7

MCQ. Differences in temperature distinguishes differences in their

  1. volume
  2. shape
  3. color
  4. density


MCQ. Elements in stars are in form of

  1. solid
  2. molten
  3. liquid
  4. gases


MCQ. There is no hydrogen left in

  1. red giant
  2. white dwarf
  3. Arcturus
  4. Betelgeuse


MCQ. An instrument which helps to break light in to spectrum is called

  1. electrograph
  2. cardiograph
  3. spectrograph
  4. ethnography


MCQ. Group of stars located near spiral disk are the

  1. globular cluster
  2. open cluster
  3. globular cluster
  4. quasar