Stars Galaxies and Universe Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 Tests pdf Download

Practice earth-science test 6 on stars galaxies and universe MCQs, science universe structure multiple choice questions and answers. Universe structure revision test has earth-science worksheets, answer key with choices as forever, in future, for sometime and and collapse of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with universe structure quiz as in a view of scientists earth may expand for competitive exam prep. Free earth-science study guide to learn universe structure quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Stars Galaxies and Universe Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 6

MCQ. In a view of scientists earth may expand

  1. in future
  2. forever
  3. for sometime
  4. and collapse


MCQ. A star becomes a red giant in its stage

  1. first
  2. second
  3. third
  4. last


MCQ. When star is in last stage it causes its central parts to

  1. scatter in space
  2. collapse inward
  3. flicker
  4. react


MCQ. Sixth magnitude stars are the

  1. brightest
  2. dimmest
  3. medium bright
  4. dull


MCQ. An object through which light cannot pass due to its density and mass is called

  1. pulstar
  2. black hole
  3. spaceshuttle
  4. debris