Stars Galaxies and Universe Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 3 on stars galaxies and universe MCQs, science contents of galaxies multiple choice questions. Free contents of galaxies guide has earth science worksheet with answering options antares, pleiades, tau ceti and omega centauri of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with contents of galaxies quiz as largest globular star cluster is for exam prep. Study to learn contents of galaxies quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Stars Galaxies and Universe - Quiz 3

MCQ. Largest globular star cluster is the

  1. Pleiades
  2. Antares
  3. Tau Ceti
  4. omega centauri


MCQ. First stage of life cycle of a star is ball of gas and

  1. heat
  2. light
  3. gas
  4. dust


MCQ. Tight group of one million(approx.) stars which look like a ball is called

  1. globular cluster
  2. open cluster
  3. globular cluster
  4. quasar


MCQ. Galaxies which bulge at center are the

  1. spiral galaxies
  2. elliptical galaxies
  3. irregular galaxies
  4. The Milky way


MCQ. Theory which proclaims that an explosion created universe is called the

  1. law of gravity
  2. big bang theory
  3. Darwin theory
  4. Earth theory