Stars Galaxies and Universe Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 1 on stars galaxies and universe MCQs, science origin of galaxies multiple choice questions. Free origin of galaxies guide has earth science worksheet with answering options open cluster, globular cluster, nebula and quasar of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with origin of galaxies quiz as an object which produces high energy and is very distant is for exam prep. Study to learn origin of galaxies quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Stars Galaxies and Universe - Quiz 1

MCQ. An object which produces high energy and is very distant is the

  1. globular cluster
  2. open cluster
  3. nebula
  4. quasar


MCQ. Brightness of a star which can be seen from earth is called

  1. absolute magnitude
  2. apparent magnitude
  3. light year
  4. parallax


MCQ. After complete utilization of hydrogen red giant becomes

  1. hot
  2. cold
  3. bright
  4. dull


MCQ. Omega Centauri has stars from 5 million to

  1. 50 million
  2. 10 million
  3. 15million
  4. 7 million


MCQ. An explosion which leads to gigantic explosion throwing star's outer layers are thrown out is called

  1. supernova
  2. black hole
  3. double ring
  4. massive explosion