Space Astronomy Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 5 on space astronomy MCQs, science outer solar system multiple choice questions. Free outer solar system guide has earth science worksheet with answering options clementine, stardust, venera and pioneer of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with outer solar system quiz as first probe space which focused mainly on comet was for exam prep. Study to learn outer solar system quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Space Astronomy - Quiz 5

MCQ. First probe space which focused mainly on comet was

  1. stardust
  2. Clementine
  3. Venera
  4. Pioneer


MCQ. Satellite which relay computer data along with television and radio broadcasts is called

  1. military satellite
  2. weather satellite
  3. communication satellite
  4. remote sensing satellite


MCQ. A space port was established in response to President Kennedy challenge in

  1. Florida
  2. Russia
  3. Canada
  4. Texas


MCQ. Any man-made object sent in space to orbit around certain body is called

  1. geostationary orbit
  2. low earth orbit
  3. artificial satellite
  4. natural satellite


MCQ. Space crafts sent to probe outer solar system were

  1. Pioneer 10
  2. Pioneer 1
  3. Pioneer 2
  4. Pioneer 9