Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 4 on rocks and minerals mixtures MCQs, science earth shape and processes multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options small stones, powder, fragments and layers of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth shape and processes quiz as weathering is important because it breaks down rocks into for exam prep. Study to learn earth shape and processes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Rocks and Minerals Mixtures - Quiz 4

MCQ. Weathering is important because it breaks down rocks into

  1. powder
  2. small stones
  3. fragments
  4. layers


MCQ. As one rock type is changed to another type, several variables alter rock's

  1. shape only
  2. streak
  3. color
  4. identity


MCQ. When magma cools slowly, crystals formed are

  1. large but opaque
  2. large but translucent
  3. small but opaque
  4. small but translucent


MCQ. Lava does not always flow from

  1. mountains
  2. fractures on Earth's surface
  3. volcanoes
  4. hills


MCQ. When magma erupts onto Earth's surface and cools, rock formed is known as

  1. Intrusive Igneous Rock
  2. Extrusive Igneous Rock
  3. Insidious Igneous Rock
  4. Sidious Igneous Rock