Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions Test 3 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 3 on rocks and minerals mixtures MCQs, science igneous rock formation multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options slowly, rapidly, under heat and under pressure of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with igneous rock formation quiz as magma that forms extrusion units, cools for exam prep. Study to learn igneous rock formation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Rocks and Minerals Mixtures - Quiz 3

MCQ. Magma that forms extrusion units, cools

  1. rapidly
  2. slowly
  3. under heat
  4. under pressure


MCQ. Rocks formed from remains of once-living plants and animals are called

  1. Clastic Sedimentary Rock
  2. Chemical Sedimentary Rock
  3. Organic Sedimentary Rock
  4. Inorganic Sedimentary Rock


MCQ. Sheet like intrusions that cut across other intrusive units are known as

  1. Dikes
  2. Pills
  3. Plutons
  4. Sills


MCQ. Compared to marble, calcite grains in limestone are

  1. smaller
  2. larger
  3. same sized
  4. fragmented


MCQ. Process in which water, wind, ice and heat break down rock is known as

  1. casting
  2. weathering
  3. acclimatization
  4. descanting