Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 14 pdf eBooks Download

Learn rocks and minerals mixtures MCQs, online science test 14, textures of metamorphic rock multiple choice questions and answers. Textures of metamorphic rock revision test has earth-science worksheets, answer key with choices as shale, kainite, sterlite and chlorite of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with textures of metamorphic rock quiz as a sedimentary rock made of clay minerals is known as for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free earth-science study guide to practice textures of metamorphic rock quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Rocks and Minerals Mixtures Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 14

MCQ. A sedimentary rock made of clay minerals is known as

  1. Kainite
  2. Shale
  3. Sterlite
  4. Chlorite


MCQ. Dark-colored igneous rocks are called

  1. serpentine
  2. felsic
  3. mafic
  4. shale


MCQ. Clastic sedimentary rock is classified on basis of

  1. its size
  2. its shape
  3. size of its fragments
  4. shape of its fragments


MCQ. These divisions are generally based on their way of

  1. erosion
  2. deposition
  3. formation
  4. variation


MCQ. When water moves over sediment, it leaves minerals over it. These minerals bind sediment into

  1. new layers
  2. panels
  3. sedimentary rocks
  4. metamorphic rocks