Plates Tectonics Multiple Choice Questions Test 4 Tests pdf Download

Practice earth-science test 4 on plates tectonics MCQs, science earth science tectonic plates multiple choice questions and answers. Earth science: tectonic plates revision test has earth-science worksheets, answer key with choices as continental crust, oceanic crust, upper part of mantle and all of them of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth science tectonic plates quiz as a tectonic plate consists of for competitive exam prep. Free earth-science study guide to learn earth science tectonic plates quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Plates Tectonics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 4

MCQ. A tectonic plate consists of

  1. oceanic crust
  2. continental crust
  3. upper part of mantle
  4. all of them


MCQ. Process by which magma rises forming new oceanic lithosphere layers is called

  1. sea floor spreading
  2. sea flooring
  3. sea bed spreading
  4. sea REVERSAL


MCQ. Pangaea was having a sea around it called as

  1. Laurasia
  2. Arabian sea
  3. Panthalassa
  4. Gondawana


MCQ. Oceanic lithosphere tend to slide downhill due to gravitation because of

  1. ridge push
  2. slab pull
  3. convection
  4. conduction


MCQ. Example of fault block mountain is

  1. Alps in Europe
  2. Himalayas
  3. Ural
  4. Tetons