Planets for Kids Multiple Choice Questions Test 16 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 16 on planets for kids MCQs, science mars planet multiple choice questions. Free mars planet guide has earth science worksheet with answering options express orbiter, sojourner rover, apollo and twin rover of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with mars planet quiz as in 2003 nasa sent a mission to mars on space craft for exam prep. Study to learn mars planet quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Planets for Kids - Quiz 16

MCQ. In 2003 NASA sent a mission to Mars on space craft

  1. Sojourner rover
  2. Express orbiter
  3. Apollo
  4. Twin Rover


MCQ. Tilt of Uranus is almost by

  1. 10°
  2. 70°
  3. 95°
  4. 90°


MCQ. Europa, Ganymede, Io and Callisto were discovered by

  1. Einstein
  2. Newton
  3. Galileo
  4. Huygens


MCQ. Olympus Mons is regarded as largest mountain in

  1. universe
  2. solar system
  3. Mars
  4. Venus


MCQ. A natural as well as artificial body which rotates around planet is called

  1. star
  2. comet
  3. meteorite
  4. satellite