Oceans Exploration Multiple Choice Questions Test 7 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 7 on oceans exploration MCQs, science earth science: living resources multiple choice questions. Free earth science: living resources guide has earth science worksheet with answering options 33cm, 12cm, 45cm and 23cm of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth science: living resources quiz as kelp can grow in one day up to for exam prep. Study to learn earth science: living resources quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Oceans Exploration - Quiz 7

MCQ. Kelp can grow in one day up to

  1. 12cm
  2. 33cm
  3. 45cm
  4. 23cm


MCQ. A modern vessel which is used to study deep oceans is called

  1. deep vessel
  2. deep flight
  3. airplane
  4. Medea


MCQ. Kuwait towers produces water which is

  1. salinated
  2. desalinated
  3. super saturated
  4. unsaturated


MCQ. Area which is near bottom of lake, ocean or pond is called

  1. benthos
  2. benthic environment
  3. nekton
  4. plankton


MCQ. Robotic vessel which is used by pilot to study floor of ocean is the

  1. Jason II
  2. Jason I
  3. Deep flight
  4. Medea