Minerals and Earth Crust Multiple Choice Questions Test 16 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 16 on minerals and earth crust MCQs, science use of minerals multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options diamonds, gemstones, precious minerals and precious grounds of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with use of minerals quiz as highly valuable and rare nonmetallic minerals are known as for exam prep. Study to learn use of minerals quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Minerals and Earth Crust - Quiz 16

MCQ. Highly valuable and rare nonmetallic minerals are known as

  1. gemstones
  2. diamonds
  3. precious minerals
  4. precious grounds


MCQ. Metallic minerals have

  1. dull surface
  2. shiny surface
  3. dark surface
  4. light surface


MCQ. Minerals contain maximum of

  1. 90 naturally occurring elements
  2. 92 naturally occurring elements
  3. 94 naturally occurring elements
  4. 96 naturally occurring elements


MCQ. Ratio of an object's density to density of water is known as its

  1. specific ratio
  2. specific gravity
  3. specific density
  4. specific calibration


MCQ. Two groups of minerals are based on minerals'

  1. physical properties
  2. chemical properties
  3. chemical composition
  4. physical composition