Minerals and Earth Crust Multiple Choice Questions Test 14 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 14 on minerals and earth crust MCQs, science minerals groups multiple choice questions. Free minerals groups guide has earth science worksheet with answering options carbonic minerals and nonsilicate minerals, silicate minerals and carbonic minerals, carbonic and noncarbonic minerals and silicate and nonsilicate minerals of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with minerals groups quiz as two groups of minerals are for exam prep. Study to learn minerals groups quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Minerals and Earth Crust - Quiz 14

MCQ. Two groups of minerals are

  1. silicate minerals and carbonic minerals
  2. carbonic minerals and nonsilicate minerals
  3. carbonic and noncarbonic minerals
  4. silicate and nonsilicate minerals


MCQ. Process by which mined land is returned to its original state or better is known as

  1. refurbishing
  2. reclamation
  3. revolution
  4. renovation


MCQ. Density of water is

  1. 1 g/m3
  2. 10 kg/m3
  3. 1 g/cm3
  4. 100 kg/m3


MCQ. Greater resistance of minerals of being getting scratched,

  1. the lower the rating
  2. the greater the rating
  3. more shiny the minerals would be
  4. more dull the minerals would be


MCQ. A substance made up of two or more elements chemically combined together is known as

  1. compound
  2. molecule
  3. mixture
  4. atom