Minerals and Earth Crust Multiple Choice Questions Test 13 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 13 on minerals and earth crust MCQs, science minerals groups multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options chemical composition, physical composition, biological composition and physical properties of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with minerals groups quiz as most common classification of minerals is based on for exam prep. Study to learn minerals groups quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Minerals and Earth Crust - Quiz 13

MCQ. Most common classification of minerals is based on

  1. physical composition
  2. chemical composition
  3. biological composition
  4. physical properties


MCQ. Waste products of mining may enter the

  1. ground water
  2. streams and rivers
  3. habitats of organisms
  4. machinery


MCQ. An example of silicate minerals could be

  1. Quartz
  2. Oxides
  3. Halides
  4. Sulfates


MCQ. Specific gravity of gold is

  1. 13
  2. 15
  3. 17
  4. 19


MCQ. In effect to ecosystem, mining can destroy or disturb

  1. habitats
  2. populations
  3. communities
  4. organisms