Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions Test 9 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 9 on energy resources MCQs, science fossil fuels formation multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options more, less, equal and may be less or more of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with fossil fuels formation quiz as compared to peat, composition of carbon in lignite is for exam prep. Study to learn fossil fuels formation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Energy Resources - Quiz 9

MCQ. Compared to peat, composition of carbon in lignite is

  1. less
  2. more
  3. equal
  4. may be less or more


MCQ. Acid precipitation includes

  1. rain only
  2. sleet only
  3. snow only
  4. all three of them


MCQ. If land is not restored later on, surface mining may affect the

  1. habitats
  2. atmosphere
  3. mantle of Earth
  4. core of Earth


MCQ. Petroleum is also commonly known as

  1. Oil
  2. Rough oil
  3. Raw oil
  4. Crude oil


MCQ. Most of energy needs are fulfilled by

  1. uranium
  2. coal
  3. fossil fuels
  4. water