Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions Test 21 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 21 on energy resources MCQs, science fossil fuels formation multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options partial rocks, semi-rocks, permeable rocks and total rocks of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with fossil fuels formation quiz as rocks that allow fluids to pass through them are known as for exam prep. Study to learn fossil fuels formation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Energy Resources - Quiz 21

MCQ. Rocks that allow fluids to pass through them are known as

  1. semi-rocks
  2. partial rocks
  3. permeable rocks
  4. total rocks


MCQ. When coal is burnt, it releases sulfur dioxide which combines with moisture in air to form

  1. sulfuric alkali
  2. sulfuric alcohol
  3. sulfuric acid
  4. sulfuric poison


MCQ. There is less usage of nuclear power plants because

  1. they emit radiations
  2. there waste is highly radioactive
  3. fission is like an explosion
  4. fission is expensive


MCQ. Temperature required by fusion can be withstood by

  1. uranium
  2. titanium
  3. plutonium
  4. no material


MCQ. Most of carbon in fossil fuels is in form of

  1. carbon dioxide (CO2)
  2. carbon monoxide (CO)
  3. carbon-hydrogen (CxHy)
  4. carbon nitrite (CN)