Energy Resources Multiple Choice Questions Test 18 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 18 on energy resources MCQs, science earth science facts multiple choice questions. Free earth science facts guide has earth science worksheet with answering options turning washing machine off, turning extra light off, turning ac generators on and turning ups (utility power supply) on of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth science facts quiz as most common activity to conserve natural resources is by for exam prep. Study to learn earth science facts quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Energy Resources - Quiz 18

MCQ. Most common activity to conserve natural resources is by

  1. turning extra light off
  2. turning washing machine off
  3. turning AC generators on
  4. turning UPS (utility power supply) on


MCQ. A nonrenewable resource of energy formed from remains of plants and animals that lived long ago is known as

  1. gas
  2. fossil fuel
  3. petrol
  4. coal


MCQ. SI unit for all forms of energy is

  1. Watts (W)
  2. Ohms (Ω)
  3. Joules (J)
  4. Pascals (Pa)


MCQ. Petroleum is separated into difference kinds in

  1. oil rigs
  2. refineries
  3. storage tanks
  4. transportation pipelines


MCQ. Number of stages of formation of coal is

  1. two
  2. three
  3. four
  4. five