Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions Test 21 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 21 on earth science and models MCQs, science branches of earth science multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options chemical geologist, physician, geochemist and biochemist of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with branches of earth science quiz as a person who studies both chemistry and geology is known as for exam prep. Study to learn branches of earth science quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models - Quiz 21

MCQ. A person who studies both chemistry and geology is known as

  1. Physician
  2. Chemical Geologist
  3. Geochemist
  4. Biochemist


MCQ. A measure of amount of matter in an object is known as

  1. weight
  2. mass
  3. density
  4. volume


MCQ. Less deaths in 1992 hurricane in Florida had two reasons. Those reasons are

  1. weather forecasting and hurricane tracking
  2. climate forecasting and tracking
  3. climate changes and broadcasting
  4. hurricane forecasting and weather tracking


MCQ. Height, width and length of irregular objects is difficult to measure e.g.

  1. rock
  2. box
  3. cone
  4. ball


MCQ. Physical oceanography refers to

  1. physical processes in ocean
  2. motion and tides
  3. formation of water movement
  4. oceanic life