Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions Test 19 Tests pdf Download

Practice earth-science test 19 on earth science and models MCQs, science physical quantities multiple choice questions and answers. Physical quantities revision test has earth-science worksheets, answer key with choices as 1cm, 1mm, 1dm and 1km of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with physical quantities quiz as if 1m is divided into 10 equal parts, each part will be equal to for competitive exam prep. Free earth-science study guide to learn physical quantities quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 19

MCQ. If 1m is divided into 10 equal parts, each part will be equal to

  1. 1mm
  2. 1cm
  3. 1dm
  4. 1km


MCQ. Conceptual model are composed of many

  1. Hypothesis
  2. Calculations
  3. Theories
  4. Theorems


MCQ. Change of models happen when new

  1. inventions take place
  2. discoveries occur
  3. observations are made
  4. theorems are created


MCQ. Multiplying width and length, and then height with answer will give us the

  1. area
  2. volume
  3. density
  4. mass


MCQ. An important component of climate model is amount of

  1. oxygen in air
  2. carbon dioxide in air
  3. nitrogen in air
  4. noble gases in air