Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions Test 18 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 18 on earth science and models MCQs, science earth science: right models multiple choice questions. Free learning guide has earth science worksheet with answering options discoveries occur, inventions take place, observations are made and theorems are created of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth science: right models quiz as change of models happen when new for exam prep. Study to learn earth science: right models quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models - Quiz 18

MCQ. Change of models happen when new

  1. inventions take place
  2. discoveries occur
  3. observations are made
  4. theorems are created


MCQ. A volume of large object is given in

  1. cubic centimeters (cm3)
  2. cubic feet (ft3)
  3. cubic yards (yd3)
  4. cubic meters (m3)


MCQ. Most common carriers of meteorology is

  1. climate changes
  2. weather forecasting
  3. climate post casting
  4. broadcasting


MCQ. Physical models of too small or too large objects help scientists

  1. picturize it
  2. build it
  3. shrink it
  4. calibrate it


MCQ. General instrument used by astronomers to study space is

  1. radio telescope
  2. optical telescope
  3. reflection telescope
  4. refraction telescope