Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions Test 14 Tests pdf Download

Practice earth-science test 14 on earth science and models MCQs, science unit conversion multiple choice questions and answers. Unit conversion revision test has earth-science worksheets, answer key with choices as system de international, standard international, system internationalla and standard integrated of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with unit conversion quiz as the word 'si' in si units stands for for competitive exam prep. Free earth-science study guide to learn unit conversion quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 14

MCQ. Word 'sI' in SI units stands for

  1. Standard International
  2. System de International
  3. System Internationalla
  4. Standard Integrated


MCQ. If we divide 1m into 100 equal parts, each part will be equal to

  1. 1mm
  2. 1cm
  3. 1dm
  4. 1km


MCQ. Mass of an object per unit volume is known as

  1. pressure
  2. temperature
  3. density
  4. area


MCQ. An example of a conceptual model is

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. Graphs
  3. Sketches
  4. Dolls


MCQ. A measure of how much surface an object has is known as

  1. Area
  2. Volume
  3. Density
  4. Mass