Earth Science and Models Multiple Choice Questions Test 11 pdf Download

Solve learning quiz 11 on earth science and models MCQs, science earth science: right models multiple choice questions. Free earth science: right models guide has earth science worksheet with answering options change present, predict past, predict future and introduce theorems of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with earth science: right models quiz as other than explaining observations, a theory can also for exam prep. Study to learn earth science: right models quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Earth Science and Models - Quiz 11

MCQ. Other than explaining observations, a theory can also

  1. predict the past
  2. change the present
  3. predict the future
  4. introduce theorems


MCQ. SI unit of volume is

  1. cubic yards (yd3)
  2. cubic feet (ft3)
  3. cubic miles (mi3)
  4. cubic meters (m3)


MCQ. Study of whole universe is known as

  1. Astrology
  2. Astronomy
  3. Geology
  4. Meteorology


MCQ. If we divide 1dm into 10 equal parts, each part will be equal to

  1. 1mm
  2. 1cm
  3. 1dm
  4. 1km


MCQ. Earth can be studied very easily if we

  1. focus
  2. concentrate
  3. divide earth into parts
  4. think of earth as a cube