Importance of Acoustics MCQs Quiz and Answers Tests pdf Download

Practice importance of acoustics MCQs in physics quiz for test prep. Sound quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with importance of acoustics test, answers as soft materials absorb large amount of, answer key with choices as heat energy, light energy, electromagnetic waves and sound energy for competitive exam preparation worksheets. Free physics revision notes to learn importance of acoustics quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Importance of Acoustics Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. Soft materials absorb large amount of

  1. heat energy
  2. light energy
  3. electromagnetic waves
  4. sound energy


MCQ. Multiple reflections are called

  1. reverberations
  2. refraction
  3. echo
  4. compressions


MCQ. Technique used to absorb noise by using soft and porous surfaces is called

  1. acoustic protection
  2. refraction
  3. absorption
  4. semi lunar protection


MCQ. Echo of sound is more prominent if surface is

  1. soft
  2. rigid
  3. porous
  4. smooth