High Voltage Transmission MCQs Test and Answers pdf Download

Practice high voltage transmission MCQs and physics for test prep and learning. Free electromagnetism notes has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with high voltage transmission quiz as at generating station ac voltage is with answering options stepped down, remains constant, stepped up and both a and b for exam preparation. Study to learn high voltage transmission quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on High Voltage Transmission

MCQ. At generating station AC voltage is

  1. stepped down
  2. remains constant
  3. stepped up
  4. both A and B


MCQ. Transformers only work with

  1. DC
  2. AC
  3. charges
  4. radioactive substances


MCQ. Magnetic effect of current is called

  1. magnetism
  2. steady current
  3. electric current
  4. electromagnetism


MCQ. At city sub station AC is stepped down to

  1. 130 V
  2. 120 V
  3. 320 V
  4. 220 V


MCQ. Power is transmitted over long distances and high voltages in order to

  1. minimize the energy loss
  2. maximize the energy loss
  3. make energy content constant
  4. preserve energy