Units of Area MCQs Quiz and Answers Tests pdf Download

Practice units of area MCQs in math quiz for test prep. Perimeter and area of geometrical figures quiz questions has multiple choice questions (MCQ) with units of area test, answers as by converting 5.6m² into cm², answer will be, answer key with choices as 0.0056cm², 5600cm², 56000cm² and 560cm² for competitive exam preparation worksheets. Free math revision notes to learn units of area quiz with MCQs to find questions answers based online tests.

MCQs on Units of Area Quiz pdf Download

MCQ. By converting 5.6m² into cm², answer will be

  1. 0.0056cm²
  2. 5600cm²
  3. 56000cm²
  4. 560cm²


MCQ. A rectangular field is 40m long and 30m wide. perimeter of rectangular field is

  1. 200m²
  2. 180m²
  3. 160m²
  4. 140m²


MCQ. By converting 0.96km² into m²(meter square), answer will be

  1. 9600m²
  2. 960m²
  3. 0.96m²
  4. 960000m²


MCQ. By converting 4.8mm² into cm², answer will be

  1. 0.048cm²
  2. 0.48cm²
  3. 48cm²
  4. 480cm²


MCQ. By converting 80.2km² into hectare, answer will be

  1. 0.08020ha
  2. 8020ha
  3. 802ha
  4. 0.802ha