Work and Energy Multiple Choice Questions Test 1 pdf Download

Practice physics quiz 1 on work and energy MCQs, grade 9 forms of energy multiple choice questions. Free forms of energy guide has physics worksheet with answering options nuclear energy, thermal energy, mechanical energy and chemical energy of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with forms of energy quiz as a nuclear reactor generates electricity by using for exam prep. Study to learn forms of energy quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Work and Energy - Quiz 1

MCQ. A nuclear reactor generates electricity by using

  1. thermal energy
  2. nuclear energy
  3. mechanical energy
  4. chemical energy


MCQ. 1 horse power is equal to

  1. 320 W
  2. 100 W
  3. 1000 W
  4. 746 W


MCQ. When angle between force and displacement is 90° then work done is

  1. 0 J
  2. 1 J
  3. 10 J
  4. 50 J


MCQ. An electric lamp produces

  1. light energy
  2. heat energy
  3. both A and B
  4. electrical energy


MCQ. A solar heating system consists of

  1. a collector
  2. a storage device
  3. a distribution system
  4. all of above