Kinematics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 3 pdf eBooks Download

Learn kinematics MCQs, grade 9 online physics test 3, scalars and vectors multiple choice questions and answers. Scalars and vectors revision test has physics worksheets, helping answer key with choices as vector, scalar, unit and none of above of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with scalars and vectors quiz as a quantity described by magnitude and direction both is called for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free physics study guide to practice scalars and vectors quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Kinematics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 3

MCQ. A quantity described by magnitude and direction both is called

  1. scalar
  2. vector
  3. unit
  4. none of above


MCQ. Motion of a butterfly is an example of

  1. vibratory motion
  2. circular motion
  3. linear motion
  4. random motion


MCQ. Distance covered ⁄ time taken is equal to

  1. speed
  2. velocity
  3. displacement
  4. position


MCQ. Total length of path is named

  1. displacement
  2. distance
  3. length
  4. none of above


MCQ. If a body covers equal distances in equal intervals of time however short interval may be, then it has

  1. uniform velocity
  2. uniform speed
  3. uniform acceleration
  4. non-uniform velocity