Dynamics Multiple Choice Questions Test 2 Tests pdf Download

Practice physics test 2 on dynamics MCQs, grade 9 newtons laws of motion multiple choice questions and answers. Newtons laws of motion revision test has physics worksheets, answer key with choices as increasing, constant, decreasing and zero of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with newtons laws of motion quiz as if a body is moving in a straight line then net force acting on it is for competitive exam prep. Free physics study guide to learn newtons laws of motion quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Dynamics Quiz pdf Download Worksheets 2

MCQ. If a body is moving in a straight line then net force acting on it is

  1. constant
  2. increasing
  3. decreasing
  4. zero


MCQ. If a bus takes a sharp turn then passengers inside move outward due to

  1. force
  2. inertia
  3. normal force
  4. friction


MCQ. Direction of centripetal force is always

  1. towards centre
  2. away from center
  3. tangent to the circle
  4. normal to the circle


MCQ. If two masses 5.2 kg and 4.8 kg are attached to ends of inextensible strings passed over a frictionless pulley then acceleration of system is

  1. 0.7 ms-2
  2. 0.4 ms-2
  3. 0.5 ms-2
  4. 1 ms-1


MCQ. At high speeds friction is

  1. increased
  2. decreased
  3. becomes zero
  4. becomes infinite