Grade 9 English MCQs

Examples of Nouns Multiple Choice Questions Test 4

Learn with quiz 4 on examples of nouns MCQs. Attempt grade 9 english multiple choice questions with answers, nouns MCQ as sure, i will help you in your assignments. (which word is a count noun?), below. Study to learn nouns quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Examples of Nouns - Quiz 4

MCQ. Sure, I will help you in your assignments. (Which word is a count noun?)

  1. help
  2. assignments
  3. sure
  4. your


MCQ. She put red rose flowers into vase in a great order. (Which word is a concrete noun?)

  1. vase
  2. flowers
  3. order
  4. great


MCQ. Clouds of black smoke belched from house. (Which word is a mass noun?)

  1. clouds
  2. belched
  3. house
  4. smoke.


MCQ. Where were you, Jhon? I need your help to complete my task. (Which word is a vocative noun?)

  1. help
  2. task
  3. John
  4. complete


MCQ. My brother, singer, has been awarded best singer. (Which word is an appositive noun?)

  1. has been
  2. the singer
  3. awarded
  4. best


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