English Verbs Multiple Choice Questions Test 5 PDF Download

Learn with quiz 5 on english verbs MCQs. Attempt grade 9 english multiple choice questions with answers, verbs MCQ as cheaper houses ____________ provided to the workers by the factory., below. Study to learn verbs quiz questions to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on English Verbs - Quiz 5

MCQ. Cheaper houses ____________ provided to workers by factory.

  1. could
  2. might
  3. can be
  4. will


MCQ. She ____________ been working in England before she came back to native town.

  1. may
  2. can
  3. had
  4. will


MCQ. No one could hear him, he ____________ in a low voice.

  1. speak
  2. speaks
  3. spoke
  4. is speak


MCQ. He ____________ urged all public sector to focus their activities.

  1. does
  2. has
  3. did
  4. done