Transport Multiple Choice Questions Test 24 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 24 on transport MCQs, grade 9 blood disorders multiple choice questions. Free blood disorders guide has biology worksheet with answering options john b. cooley, thomas b. cooley, ernst b. cooley and jane b. cooley of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with blood disorders quiz as name of scientist on whom cooley's anemia was named is for exam prep. Study to learn blood disorders quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Transport - Quiz 24

MCQ. Name of scientist on whom Cooley's anemia was named is

  1. Thomas B. Cooley
  2. John B. Cooley
  3. Ernst B. Cooley
  4. Jane B. Cooley


MCQ. Tissues in plants that causes food and water throughout body of plant are

  1. phloem and xylem
  2. mesophyll and chlorophyll
  3. paraffin and mesophyll
  4. xylem and chlorophyll


MCQ. Life span of white blood cells is

  1. seconds to minutes
  2. months to even years
  3. minutes to days
  4. none of the above


MCQ. Rh-negative blood group of a person is based on

  1. presence of neutrophils
  2. absence of Rh factors
  3. presence of Rh factors
  4. presence of tubulin


MCQ. Transpiration of water is also considered as

  1. loss of water
  2. loss of oxygen
  3. loss of nitrogen
  4. loss of carbon dioxide