Transport Multiple Choice Questions Test 16 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 16 on transport MCQs, grade 9 pulmonary and systemic circulation multiple choice questions. Free pulmonary and systemic circulation guide has biology worksheet with answering options ventricles contract, ventricles relax, atria contracts and atria relax of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with pulmonary and systemic circulation quiz as considering cardiac cycle, sound "dubb" is produced when for exam prep. Study to learn pulmonary and systemic circulation quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Transport - Quiz 16

MCQ. Considering cardiac cycle, sound "dubb" is produced when the

  1. ventricles relax
  2. ventricles contract
  3. atria contracts
  4. atria relax


MCQ. Person having both antigens A and B on surface of RBCs has

  1. blood group O
  2. blood group AB
  3. blood group B
  4. blood group A


MCQ. Antigens that differentiates one blood group from another are

  1. antigen A and B
  2. antigen C and D
  3. antigen O and A
  4. antigen O and B


MCQ. Time for atrial systole in one heartbeat is

  1. 0.7 seconds
  2. 0.1 seconds
  3. 0.3 seconds
  4. 0.4 seconds


MCQ. Places in human body where artery is closed to skin includes

  1. wrist
  2. top of foot
  3. neck
  4. all of above