Nutrition Multiple Choice Questions Test 30 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 30 on nutrition MCQs, grade 9 mineral nutrition in plants multiple choice questions. Free mineral nutrition in plants guide has biology worksheet with answering options copper, zinc, chlorine and manganese of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with mineral nutrition in plants quiz as micronutrient which is involved in water osmosis is for exam prep. Study to learn mineral nutrition in plants quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Nutrition - Quiz 30

MCQ. Micronutrient which is involved in water osmosis is

  1. zinc
  2. copper
  3. chlorine
  4. manganese


MCQ. Vitamin which is needed to maintain calcium and phosphorus levels in blood is

  1. vitamin A
  2. vitamin D
  3. vitamin B
  4. vitamin C


MCQ. Macronutrient which is structural component of cell wall and activates enzymes is

  1. boron dioxide
  2. carbon monoxide
  3. nitrogen dioxide
  4. calcium


MCQ. 'UNICEF' stands for

  1. United Nations Curing Funds
  2. United Nations Children's Fund
  3. Union Nations Cancer Fund
  4. United Nationals Cancer Finances


MCQ. Disease which is caused by deficiency of vitamin-C is

  1. scurvy
  2. anemia
  3. rickets
  4. insomnia