Enzymes Multiple Choice Questions Test 6 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 6 on enzymes MCQs, grade 9 class 9 biology: enzymes multiple choice questions. Free class 9 biology: enzymes guide has biology worksheet with answering options haploid enzymes, diploid enzymes, non-transferable enzymes and extracellular enzymes of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with class 9 biology: enzymes quiz as pepsin enzymes that works in stomach cavity are classified as for exam prep. Study to learn class 9 biology: enzymes quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Enzymes - Quiz 6

MCQ. Pepsin enzymes that works in stomach cavity are classified as

  1. diploid enzymes
  2. haploid enzymes
  3. non-transferable enzymes
  4. extracellular enzymes


MCQ. Biochemical reaction in which large molecules are synthesized is classified as

  1. empiricism
  2. anabolism
  3. tropism
  4. metabolism


MCQ. Proteins are made up of

  1. amino acids
  2. riboflavin acids
  3. omega 3 acids
  4. zinc based acids


MCQ. Enzymes that are used to remove resistant starch residues are called

  1. nucleated enzymes
  2. synthetic enzymes
  3. protease enzymes
  4. amylase enzymes


MCQ. Biologist who suggested modification in lock and key model proposed by Emil Fischer is

  1. Jane Olive
  2. Emil August
  3. Daniel Olive
  4. Daniel Koshland