Cells and Tissues Multiple Choice Questions Test 60 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 60 on cells and tissues MCQs, grade 9 cell size and ratio multiple choice questions. Free cell size and ratio guide has biology worksheet with answering options viruses, chloroplasts, bird eggs and bacteria of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with cell size and ratio quiz as most bulky cells are for exam prep. Study to learn cell size and ratio quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cells and Tissues - Quiz 60

MCQ. Most bulky cells are

  1. chloroplasts
  2. viruses
  3. bird eggs
  4. bacteria


MCQ. Single nucleus striated cell present in cardiac muscles are responsible for

  1. passing of proteins
  2. passing of blood
  3. producing heartbeat
  4. absorption of secretions


MCQ. Considering permanent tissues of plants, function of epidermal tissues is to act as barrier between internal tissues of plants and

  1. external tissues of plants
  2. intercalary meristem
  3. environment
  4. apical meristems


MCQ. Hypotonic solution consists of relatively

  1. less solute
  2. more solvent
  3. less solvent
  4. more solute


MCQ. According to cell theory new cells arise from

  1. living cells
  2. dead cells
  3. existing cells
  4. non living things