Cell Cycle Multiple Choice Questions 23 PDF Download

Learn cell cycle MCQs, grade 9 online biology test 23, cell cycle multiple choice questions and answers. Cell cycle revision test has biology worksheets, helping answer key with choices as g2 phase, g3 phase, g4 phase and g6 phase of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with cell cycle quiz as the phase in which cell prepares proteins for producing spindle fibers is for competitive exam prep, viva interview questions. Free biology study guide to practice cell cycle quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cell Cycle Quiz PDF Download Worksheets 23

MCQ. The phase in which cell prepares the proteins for producing spindle fibers is

  1. G3 phase
  2. G2 phase
  3. G4 phase
  4. G6 phase


MCQ. The geneticist who observed the phenomena of crossing over in fruit fly is

  1. Ernst Haeckel
  2. Thomas Hunt
  3. John Watson
  4. Ernst Oscar


MCQ. During prophase I, the kinetochores of chromosomes are attached with

  1. kinetochores centrosome
  2. kinetochores ribosomes
  3. kinetochores lysosomes
  4. kinetochores spindle fibers


MCQ. The life span of red blood cells is

  1. about 2 months
  2. about 4 months
  3. about 8 months
  4. about 6 months


MCQ. The telophase is the phase of completion of

  1. platelet division
  2. fibrous division
  3. cell division
  4. nuclear division