Cell Cycle Multiple Choice Questions Test 21 pdf Download

Practice biology quiz 21 on cell cycle MCQs, grade 9 apoptosis and necrosis multiple choice questions. Free apoptosis and necrosis guide has biology worksheet with answering options mitotic cell death, accidental cell death, programmed cell death and non-programmed cell death of multiple choice questions (MCQ) with apoptosis and necrosis quiz as necrosis is classified as for exam prep. Study to learn apoptosis and necrosis quiz to attempt multiple choice questions based test.

MCQs on Cell Cycle - Quiz 21

MCQ. Necrosis is classified as

  1. accidental cell death
  2. mitotic cell death
  3. programmed cell death
  4. non-programmed cell death


MCQ. Cell plate is also known as

  1. nuclei plast
  2. phragmoplast
  3. chloroplast
  4. fibroblast


MCQ. Kinetochores is preset in each chromosome at

  1. somatic cells
  2. vacuoles
  3. centromere
  4. gametophytes


MCQ. Phenomenon in which segments of non-sister chromatids are exchanged is called

  1. taking over
  2. making over
  3. passing over
  4. crossing over


MCQ. Chromosomes are duplicated during cell cycle in

  1. B phase
  2. G phase
  3. S phase
  4. P phase